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What are Private Loans? Let’s see!

Private loans are one of the alternatives to banking products. High availability and seemingly attractive conditions mean that more and more people are choosing to use this source of financing. What are the rules for loans from private persons and is it a good method for patching a hole in the budget? Let’s see! What […]


What Cash Loan in the Bank?

How to choose a cash loan and which bank? Comparison of cash loans at banks. There is no such thing as cheap cash loans for everyone. Each of us has a different creditworthiness and creditworthiness. The easier access to financing is, the more expensive the product is. Banks verify their client very carefully and thoroughly […]


Loan without cost realistic?

The financial area in a person’s life is almost as varied and changeable as the real life itself. Even if the human being believes that the financial aspects of his life are regulated, even a small change can bring the total turnaround. What many people do not know is that Patrick Stingforth regulates this financial […]


Corporate Loans – Small Business Loans and Loans to AB and Individual Companies

Getting a small business loan can be tricky, but it is certainly not impossible with sufficient preparation. When you submit your application, the lender will primarily look at your credit history, business plan and previous experience for running the business you want the loan for. Guide application for business loan Guide application for business loan […]


Loan for Young Entrepreneurs

Borrowing by a young entrepreneur must be differentiated between private and business. Differentiation is important because different companies offer credit for young entrepreneurs as the case may be. The tax consideration of operating lending rates requires a clear distinction from private loans. As a young entrepreneur predominantly company founders are called in an age of […]